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Welcome to Enterprise & Whittaker Warren

Enterprise was a small farming community in 1906. That was the year our insurance company was formed in the corner of a bank. It was known as the Warren Insurance Company. Since then, both Enterprise and our Agency have grown many times over. But, it was not without some adversity.

In 1915 cotton was king. Farmers were averaging about 35,000 bales per year and because of this they refused to diversify. Along came the Mexican Boll Weevil and the cotton yield was cut to 60%. In 1916 the farmers planted for a bumper crop as they used every known method to combat the Boll Weevil, but, it still managed to eliminate two-thirds of that years crop. Panic raged throughout the cotton belt from Georgia through Texas. Everybody faced bankruptcy. Something had to be done quickly! Diversified farming had been preached for many years and now, for the first time, the cotton farmers were ready to listen.

Here, in Coffee County and Enterprise, peanuts were the crop chosen and in 1917 more than one million bushels were grown. This was more than any other county in the nation. Since then, Coffee County has been one of the leading peanut producers.

On December 11, 1919 a monument was unveiled in downtown Enterprise honoring the Boll Weevil whose advent had resulted in an agricultural revolution and had forever changed the character of this region of Alabama.

Many things have changed since then and the Warren Insurance Agency (now Whittaker-Warren) has changed with them. Enterprise proudly lives up to its name with a productive blend of agriculture and industry. Together they go hand-in-hand to produce a bounty of prosperity. New houses, neighborhoods and businesses are being started and expanded. New products are being manufactured and distributed. People are at work and children are learning in progressive accredited schools. The Gulf of Mexico being so close, on a warm day you can almost hear the waves breaking, and the comforting sight of helicopters from Fort Rucker fill the skies.

We are now in our 106th year of providing insurance protection amid this hustle and bustle of rapid changes and growth. With us, It's not just a policy, It's a friendship.